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Browse On By — What I Love This Week

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Source: etsy.com via Jeanna on Pinterest

It’s been another wild week, so I haven’t done much this week. Eh. Here’s what I did happen upon and love:

There are a bunch of movie nerds in the world. Some of them have converged at Sound on Sight. They’re writing a lot of great stuff about great, overlooked movies.

Books are changing, publishing is changing, and it’s all enough to make your head hurt. Lawrence Block addresses all the above on his Goodreads blog.

I loved Barbara Samuel’s 1990s-era contemporary romance novels written under her pseudonym Ruth Wind. She writes a wonderful blog about writing called A Writer Afoot.

Did you know that the New York Public Library has a fabulous online image gallery?  They also have a great online shop.

At the Pop History Dig, there’s huge archive of essays and articles from years past about years past. For Mad Men fans, the section about advertising is especially fascinating.

N+1 asks the very pertinent question, “what’s up with all the silly girly sites?


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