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I’m In Love With…. Villains!


It’s Villains and Anti-Heroes Week here at Le Sweet Rocket! In celebration of the best villains and anti-heroes romance has to offer, here’s a kick-off post featuring some of my very favorite villains!

Sometimes the villain’s the best part of the story. Or at least, in these cases, the hottest part! Here are a few villains I just love…

Orson Welles as the dastardly romantic Charles Rankin in The Stranger!

Dana Andrews menaces Ruth Warrick in Daisy Kenyon!

Richard Armitage (featuring that rarest of creatures, the attractive mullet) as the wretchedly sexy Guy of Gisbourne in BBC’s “Robin Hood”!

Basil Rathbone as, oh, just about any Basil Rathbone character!

Hot villains often make reappearances as reformed heroes/anti-heroes in romance novels. Some romance anti-heroes/reformed villains of note:

Conner Winslow from Mary Stewart’s The Ivy Tree

Freddie Sullivan from Mary Balogh’s Dancing With Clara

Lord St. Vincent in Lisa Kleypas’ It Happened One Autumn/Devil in Winter

Almost all of Anne Stuart’s heroes

Almost all of Victoria Holt’s heroes

Author: J.E.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

2 thoughts on “I’m In Love With…. Villains!

  1. Mmm, Orson Welles. He will always be Rochester to me. But don’t forget this handsome devil: http://bit.ly/PgSafW And suave George Sanders in… well, just about anything. 🙂

    • Yes, Rochester of course! I may have to do a special villains post on Vincent Price — he’s a law unto himself. I’m embarrassed to say that I had to look George Sanders up… I knew the name, but couldn’t place his face.

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