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Wish List Wednesday: The Country Gentleman by Fiona Hill

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I was so inspired by the Teaser Tuesday idea that I decided to do Wish List Wednesdays! Yes, I know, someone is probably doing it, too, but if I stole the idea I repent forthwith.

At any rate, every reader has a mile-long wish list of books she can’t wait to get her grubby little hands on. So, on Wish List Wednesdays, we’ll share the following:

  • The title of a random book from our wish list,
  • How or where we found out about the book,
  • How long the book has been on our wish list,
  • And why we want it so badly!

Post your Wish List Wednesday book to your blog/Twitter feed and link to it in the comments. If you have neither, just share your info in the comments. I can’t wait to see what’s on your wish lists!

The inaugural Wish List Wednesday post is an oldie, but it sounds like a goodie.

It’s The Country Gentleman by Fiona Hill. And I’m sad to say that’s one of three hideous covers I’ve seen for the book.

A little background on the book: The Country Gentleman is a Traditional Regency published first in 1987. Fiona Hill, the author, is a pseudonym for Ellen Pall, whose story, particularly about her time writing Regencies, is intriguing.

This quote on Regencies from her website is wonderful, I think:

“Regency romances are a sunny and compact genre in which a lady and a gentleman meet, form indifferent opinions of each other, banter for 200 pages or so, kiss and agree to marry. …As much comedy as romance, a Regency makes its tickling assault on the imagination, not the senses.”

Here’s a Publisher’s Weekly synopsis (edited) provided by Amazon:

In the battle of the sexes waged in this lively Regency romance, the contestants are overtaken by circumstances. Bluestocking Anne Guilfoyle, still single at 29, is a liberated woman happily ensconced in a 10-year platonic relationship with worldly Lord Ensley whose perilous fiscal condition prohibits a sanctioned union. Their idyll is shattered by Ensley’s arranged marriage to an heiress and by a sudden reversal of Anne’s fortunes, which causes her to leave the London salon circuit and retire to an inherited farm-estate. Anne adjusts uneasily to the slow pace, applying her rapier wit to lampoons of the natives, which appear in the London Times. As a result, her Oxford-educated, silently admiring bachelor neighbor, Mr. Highet, has little trouble identifying himself as the parodied “Mr. Mutton Slowtop, the idiot sheep farmer.”

I have no idea where I found out about The Country Gentleman, although I suspect it came from a post in an AAR forum, or as a recommendation on Amazon. I did not find out about it on Goodreads, because it doesn’t have an entry there!

I added the book to my Amazon Wish List in March of this year.

As to why I want this book so much, you have only to read that synopsis above. I love a good Regency that is, as Fiona Hill/Ellen Pall writes, as much comedy as romance, and this one sounds wonderful!


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