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Wish List Wednesday/ Hideous Romance Novel Covers: Red Adam’s Lady by Grace Ingram


I was so inspired by the Teaser Tuesday idea that I decided to do Wish List Wednesdays! Yes, I know, someone is probably doing it, too, but if I stole the idea I repent forthwith.

At any rate, every reader has a mile-long wish list of books she can’t wait to get her grubby little hands on. So, on Wish List Wednesdays, we’ll share the following:

  • The title of a random book from our wish list,
  • How or where we found out about the book,
  • How long the book has been on our wish list,
  • And why we want it so badly!

Post your Wish List Wednesday book to your blog/Twitter feed and link to it in the comments. If you have neither, just share your info in the comments. I can’t wait to see what’s on your wish lists!

Today and today only at Le Sweet Rocket, it’s two categories for the price of one — a Wish List Wednesday post that doubles as a little bitty Hideous Romance Novel Covers post, as well!

For your consideration is Grace Ingram’s Red Adam’s Lady, lauded as a classic by many romance readers:

Unfortunately, classic status does not guarantee a great cover. That one above is an abomination. What is going on there? Is Red Adam squeezing the life out of his lady? Or is that supposed to be an approximation of the throes of ecstasy? And is it just me, or does old Red Adam look like Gordon Lightfoot?

Gordon Lightfoot should have starred in the movie version of “Red Adam’s Lady,” right?

Here’s a slightly less crazy edition:

Nothing much to see there, so we’ll move on to another that’s quite frankly bizarre:

It would appear that Red Adam’s Lady is about to beat his brains out. And maybe choke him to boot. He looks worried, and I’m worried for him.

At some point, someone took mercy on this book and gave it a cover that’s actually quite nice:

So now that you’ve had a little tour through the many covers of Red Adam’s Lady, here’s a little about the book itself.

Red Adam’s Lady, a medieval,was first published in 1973. And is, naturally, now out-of-print. I went to Goodreads and found this synopsis:

The redhead hooted gleefully and grappled Julitta to him, spinning her round adroitly so that she could only kick back at his legs. He heaved her from her feet and slung her over his shoulder. He tried to kiss her, but she ducked her head into the cloak so that her crown caught his chin and made his teeth clack.

“Let me go!” she gasped. “Indeed I am no harlot! My uncle is lord of Chivingham-”

He did not heed her. The girl cried out to the waiting crowd.

“In God’s name -help me!”

Lady Julitta, mistaken for a strumpet by Red Adam, the impetuous, scandalous young lord of Brentborough, suddenly found herself married to the very man who tried to ravish her.

She promised herself she would always despise him -but Red Adam was determined to win her love.

That highly entertaining synopsis explains, I suppose, why Julitta looks like she’s in the process of clawing Red Adam’s eyeballs out in several of the book covers.

I discovered Red Adam’s Lady on AAR boards and on Goodreads back in July, and promptly added it to my huge wish list. On both AAR and Goodreads, readers just can’t stop gushing about how wonderful this book is.  Here are a few of the more memorable comments and raves from Goodreads:

…Red Adam, who is actually a nice man when he is not drunk and being a nuisance and a rake, decides to reform and make amends and that is how Julitta ends up married to her abuser. What follows is Julitta and Red Adam getting to know each other, dealing with some villains in the form of Julitta’s uncle and his friends and the wife of their steward while at the same time trying to discover what really happened to the wife of Red Adam’s uncle from whom he inherited his estate…. via Ana T.

What a wonderful, wonderful book. I laughed, I cried and I didn’t want to put it down. Someone should definitely reissue this book. I would love to own a copy but current prices are too prohibitive. Thank goodness to get the chance to read it through library ILL! via Terry

A fast paced bawdy romp through 12C England. Lady Julitta is mistaken for a peasant and is accosted by a drunken “Red” Adam de Lorismond, the new lord of Brentborough. Adam takes Julitta back to his keep bent on rape, but the ever resourceful Julitta knocks him out with a stool and when he’s sober Adam marries her to assuage her damaged honor. Julitta is none too thrilled with the match, but sparks soon fly between the two as Julitta’s uncle Lord William and his cronies conspire to support young Henry in his plan to oust his father Henry II and rule England instead. Julitta also soon finds her hands full with a castle and mutinous servants allowed to run to ruin by the previous lord of Brentborough (Adam’s uncle), a thieving seneschal, invading armies of Scots, a perilous climb down ocean cliffs, a mysterious death or two and more as “Red” Adam and his lady banter their way through it all to find true love in the end… via Misfit

I find it fascinating that a romance novel that ostensibly begins with an attempted rape could become as beloved as Red Adam’s Lady evidently is to readers. For that reason alone, I’d be intrigued by the book, but the fact that I’ve never seen a less than favorable, if not outright gushing, review of the book makes it even more interesting. On Amazon, 22 of the 23 reviews are five-star; the other is a four-star. Also, who wouldn’t love a book with a hero who is, to quote Ana T., actually a nice man when he is not drunk and being a nuisance and a rake?


Author: J.E.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

3 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday/ Hideous Romance Novel Covers: Red Adam’s Lady by Grace Ingram

  1. The book sounds like lots of fun. As far as the covers go, the first one made me think of a genial grandfather greeting his granddaughter after a long separation:

    He: “C’mere, little lady! OOF! You’ve grown! Last time I saw you, you were only knee-high to a grasshopper!”

    She: “Put me down, grandpa! You’re embarrassing me! Also, you have grandpa breath.”

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