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Guys Do the Darnedest Things: Yum!

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Fridays should be fun.

Here’s a gratuitous picture that hits a few of my sweet spots: fast cars, ice cream, and cute guys doing the darnedest things:

Oh what — reporters be wanting a statement? Jim Clark ain’t got time for that.

He’s eating an ice cream, just getting ready to leave 20 other drivers in his exhaust fumes.

We can wait, absolutely adorable two-time Formula 1 world champion and the 1965 winner of the Indianapolis 500, best driver ever and all around tiny little good guy Jim Clark. We know you’re busy.

(I linked the picture back to my Pinterest page full of guys and dolls in fast cars, but it comes to us courtesy of Peter Windsor’s wonderful racing blog. If you have the least little tiny interest in contemporary or vintage F1 racing, you should check it out.)


Author: J.E.

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