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Wish List Wednesday: New Life by Bonnie Dee

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Today’s Wish List Wednesday pick is a contemporary that I’ve been meaning to buy after trying a sample. Maybe today’s the day I’ll break down and buy it already!


Here’s the synopsis:

Since the car accident that caused traumatic brain injury, Jason has fought to regain his memories and the ability to organize thoughts and control emotions. His promising future shattered, he works as a night janitor in an office building and clings to routine to make it through his days. 

New lawyer Anna breaks down one evening after fumbling her first court case. Self-doubt brings her to tears in a deserted stairwell where Jason finds her and offers comforting words. From this unexpected meeting an unlikely romance begins. 

A casual coffee date soon leads to a deeper connection and eventually a steamy affair. But are Jason and Anna’s growing feelings for each other strong enough to overcome the social chasm that divides them and the very real issues of Jason’s disability?

I discovered New Life after reading another of Bonnie Dee’s books, Bone Deep. Bone Deep was so different from any other historical romance that I’d ever read that I couldn’t help but be interested in seeing what else Dee had written. She’s a writer with an astounding range, certainly — in addition to historical and contemporary romance, she also writes erotica, male/male romance and fantasy romance. 

According to Amazon, this book has been on my Wish List since November 30, 2013, which is not long after the book was released.

Why do I want this book? Like I said, Bone Deep was enough to pique my interest, so I downloaded a sample of New Life shortly after reading Bone Deep. To be honest, I have no idea why I haven’t bought this book yet. I went back and read the sample again before writing this, and I was surprised that I hadn’t already bought the book. While Anna comes off as sort of whiny in the sample, it’s clear she has potential, but Jason is, as we say in these here parts, a pure-old doll baby.  Here’s a snippet from the book to prove it:

The first thing you need to know about me is I’m not retarded. Or mentally handicapped I guess is the polite term these days. But whatever you call it, I’m not that. I have a mental disability, but I wasn’t born this way. It took extra stupidity for me to get this way– driving drunk, shooting through the windshield, landing on my noggin, and scrambling my brains permanently. I don’t babble and I don’t drool, except sometimes on my pillow when I’m sleeping, but everybody does that.

You know what? I think I’m going to mosey on back to Amazon and make a purchase. Later, alligator.

New Life by Bonnie Dee

Self Published/2013

Available At Amazon 

Author: J.E.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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