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It’s Good Friday, Ya’ll!


James Garner and Audrey Hepburn are feeling springy!


Hey there, hi there, ho there everyone! Happy Good Friday! Here are a few links to things I hope you love:

Get thee over to Tumblr and check out Judging the Book.

For those who like to write fiction, do check out 10 Can’t Miss, Surefire Secrets Of Torturing Fictional People by Charlie Jane Anders over at io9.  The title’s a little misleading — it’s more about character development than torture, and it’s an excellent read with advice I wish more authors would take!

Speaking of writing advice, I also enjoy author Jennifer Cruise’s blog, Argh Ink. I just love to read writers talking about writing.

And to sum up today, here’s Leslie Jamison at the Virginia Quarterly Review talking about a unified theory of wounded women that will make you wonder if you’re reading VQR or Cosmo. That’s not an insult, really.

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend, and try not to eat too many Cadbury eggs (I will. Shamelessly).



Author: J.E.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

2 thoughts on “It’s Good Friday, Ya’ll!

  1. Thank you for the link goodness! I was enjoying Jennifer Crusie’s post on sex scenes just this morning. (Did that sound wrong?) Loved the io9 too. “You torture your characters not just to be a jerk, but because you are trying to make them evolve and grow.” Always an excellent precept.

    • I’m so glad you liked the posts. My mind is totally not in the gutter right now, so I didn’t see a thing in the world wrong with you enjoying the sex scenes post 😉

      I was actually surprised by how good the io9 post was. Some of it was old advice, so to speak, but I still thought the post was great.

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