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Lovely Romance Novel Covers: The Ruthless Lord Rule by Michelle Kasey

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Maybe it’s the font. Maybe it’s the beautiful jewel-tones. Maybe it’s the Ruthless Lord Rule’s rakish forelock. Likely it’s the ginger heroine. Whatever the reason may be, I’m a little smitten with this Signet Regency cover for Michelle Kasey’s 1987 The Ruthless Lord Rule. Let’s see if the story sounds as good as the cover looks:

His reputation was notorious. Lord Tristan Rule had been a courageous officer, a spy against Napoleon. Now any young lady of the ton could be his for the taking, though one in particular had him on edge. Miss Mary Lawrence had suddenly become society’s darling, but what did anyone know about this unique beauty? Hot on the trail to uncover her secrets, the ruthless Rule soon discovered that Mary had the power to forge his hard-as-steel heart into something much more malleable. But Tristan knew he dared not bend to Mary’s will until he discovered what his mysterious miss was hiding, lest their future forever be in question….

Hmm. Doesn’t sound too bad. And better still, it’s available in ebook, too, though I myself still have a tendre for this paperback copy….

The Ruthless Lord Rule

Michelle Kasey

Signet, 1997/Harlequin 2010

Author: J.E.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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