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Bizarre Romance Novel Covers: The Golden Thistle by Janet Louise Roberts

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This week’s award for least-heroic-looking hero goes to Lord Douglas Kinnair, late of this 1973 Dell Candlelight edition of Janet Louise Roberts’ The Golden Thistle. Not that our heroine, Lady Pamela, is any great shakes, herself — she looks sort of like a twelve year-old dressed up in her mother’s clothes. The cover is even funnier when you read the blurb:

When lovely young Lady Pamela left Regency England for Rome, she was filled with misgivings. For she was to marry a man she had adored as a child, but now barely recognized, Lord Douglas Kinnair, as arrogant and unyielding as he was handsome.

From the moment they met, the sparks flew. Not only were they clearly born enemies, but Lord Douglas was captivated by a sultry Roman beauty, while Pamela’s head was turned by a dashing Italian revolutionary. Even when the dictates of society forced the wedding to take place, Pamela swore to be a wife in name only. It took a plunge into danger and dark intrigue to teach this independent young woman that passion was more precious than pride, and that she had to do battle or else lose the man she loved.

This Lord Douglas is about as arrogant and unyielding as an overcooked spaghetti noodle, and if he’s relying on this Lady Pamela to do battle, it’s not looking good for Lord Douglas…

Author: J.E.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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