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We Get Letters: Someone Wants to Know About the Header Image


Sweet Rocket sometimes receives letters (alright, comments) that just beg for a broader audience. One @honoriachubb sent this in:

Hi.Every time I look on your blog,I’m captivated by the frontispiece image,of the girl with a gun,and the man in a mask,what is it from,and who was the illustrator.thanks

Oh @honoriachubb! I’m so glad you asked!

That header image is pulled from the cover of Barbara Cartland’s The Outrageous Lady. Here’s the full cover image:

The artist is Francis Marshall. As far as I can tell, Marshall illustrated most of Barbara Cartland’s covers from the 1960s-1980s. Here are a few more for your enjoyment:

Now, true confession time: I’ve never been able to finish a Barbara Cartland novel. Ever. But I adore these covers.


Author: J.E.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

2 thoughts on “We Get Letters: Someone Wants to Know About the Header Image

  1. Oh thanks for for the info,it’s a shame really that such gorgeous artwork was used on Babs work,she seems to get the best illustrations,but as for the content….though the novels they filmed are pretty funny.thanks

    • You’re so welcome, and I have to agree that the cover art is totally wasted on Barbara Cartland’s books — classic case of never judging the book by the cover 😉

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