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Wish List Wednesday: The Phantom Lover





Fiery young “Nell” Belden went to Thorndene Castle to escape a lover, not to find one. She was bound by the strict conventions of England’s Regency to a man she could never love, then bound by the ties of passion to a man she could never marry! For at Thorndene, she discovered a new and startling love, a love that was as intense as it was doomed…

“You must leave Thorndene!” said the ghost. Then he added, more gently, “I come to warn you, not to harm you. I may never touch you, any more than a shadow may..”

“What does that signify?” Nell asked. “Since you are dead, you can have no need or inclination to touch me anyway.”

“You can’t know much about men-or ghosts-or how delightful you look in that nightdress, if you believe that,” he said with disturbing sincerity.

Nell blushed and pulled the bedclothes over her. For a long moment, neither of them spoke. Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the ghostly figure was gone…


You know what’s like Christmas coming early? Finding an out-of-print book that I’ve been searching for for years has come out in e-book! Celebrate with me the reprinting of Elizabeth Mansfield’s 1979 Regency The Phantom Lover.

I’m imagining a sort of Ghost and Mrs. Muir situation, only I’m sure Nell’s ghost will end up being a little more substantial than Mrs. Muir’s.

The Phantom Lover by Elizabeth Mansfield, Open Road Romance, 2015.

Author: J.E.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

5 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday: The Phantom Lover

  1. That sounds completely delightful! A pox on Amazon for putting a spoiler at the very start of the description, though.

  2. Wow! I love seeing these come back to eager reader hands.

  3. Those last lines about Nell & the bed clothes – TOTALLY reminded me of this pic: https://bluecastleconsiderations.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/ghost-and-mrs-muir-gregg-says-goodbye.jpg — only obvs sans the goodbye bit — I always think its so unfortunate that Rex Harrison has that pervy-frenchman-moustache in that movie- but from this profile shot it doesn’t look too bad…

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