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Browse On By — More Sites to Help You Waste Time

I promise come next week I won’t be so lazy. I’ll actually write something, I vow. In my defense, I did spend most of the week on planes. No excuse, I know.

In the meantime, here’s another list of websites that I wasted lots of time with while I sat in airports/on runways/in conferences:

Lapham’s Quarterly touts itself as a “magazine of history and ideas.” It’s actually a rabbit hole that will steal your soul for several hours at least. Good news is, you’ll actually be smarter when you dig yourself out than you were when you went in. Win!

Do you spend hours on Facebook, looking at pictures of people you don’t even know/like, just because you’re nosy? Head on over to Look at Me, a tumblr full of old, weird photos that submitters find in the strangest places. It’s much better than looking at your best friend’s neighbor’s niece’s drunk graduation party pics, I promise.

Once upon a time, in a publication called Boston After Dark, a woman named Ellen Herst published a bizarre, fascinating piece about parallels between the Manson Family and Mel Lyman’s commune or whatever it was. Both the Manson Family and the Mel Lyman Family are the dirt swept under the rug of sanitized history, so Herst’s story is even more compelling. Go ahead and read it here. Dare you.

Nobody talks about nurse romance novels anymore. Hell, no one even knows about nurse romance novels anymore. Except Susannah, whose wonderful Vintage Nurse Romance Novels blog keeps the faith.

Feeling fat, stupid, boring, sad about your fashion choices and otherwise yucky? Going to The Selvedge Yard will only exacerbate your problems, but you’ll see lots of beautiful people, gorgeous things, and good writing.

Bob Sullivan, whose concerns are many and range from glass shower doors to Craigslist robberies, is worried about the gaping chasm between the Facebookers and the non-Facebookers. He’s as hysterical as usual, but still interesting and informative.

Maybe you don’t want to learn anything. Maybe you just want to laugh until Diet Dr. Pepper foams out your nose and your belly hurts. In which case, go straight to David Thorne’s page and have at it.