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Bizarre Romance Novel Covers: Beyond the Sweet Waters by Anne Hampson

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The cover for this 1979 Harlequin edition of Anne Hampson’s Beyond the Sweet Waters is an orgy of everything that was so wonderfully awful about the 1970s. To wit:

  • Orange!
  • Kite-sized collars!
  • Head scarves!
  • Huge sunglasses!
  • Big gold earrings!
  • Center parts!
  • Rugged men who are not afraid to wear orange shirts with kite-sized collars!
  • Polyester (yes, friends, you can tell just by the illustrations that every fabric in sight is 100% man-made)!

There’s no way the book lives up to this cover. Just not happening.

Hideous Romance Novel Covers: Wolf at the Door by Victoria Gordon

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The wolf at the door looks more like a lecherous silver fox to me. Or the Incredible Hulk, what with his monstrously big hand primed to break our heroine’s wrist.

And the heroine needs to fire her hairdresser ASAP — somebody did a number on her bangs! For that matter, so does the silver fox, since he’s sporting a truly terrible perm…