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Browse On By: What I’m Loving This Week

Most of this week has been spent drooling over Dana Andrews. Simple as that. In the few moments I’ve managed to drag myself away from the TV/e-reader, here’s what I’ve been wasting my time on:

I’m a crazy cat lady. I’m also a music nerd. The love child of my fetishes is The Kitten Covers. I’m just pissed that someone else thought of it first (and has the talent to pull it off).

In the dark days before I fell in love with my new boyfriend Dana Andrews (damnit, why are all the good ones married/ancient/dead?!?!), I used to watch a lot of PBS. If you love American Experience, get on over to the American Experience site, where you can watch almost every AE episode ever, plus — big, big, big plus — see tons more supplemental information about nearly all of the episodes. It’s like that rabbit hole I told you about, only Internet.

Since we’re in the mood for movies, don’t let’s watch bad ones. Before you watch, go to DVD Verdict and read my pal Amanda DeWees’ reviews. Not just because I like her, either. Some of the reviews are better than the movies, seriously.Like this one. Oh, and Amanda talks a bit about her reviewing days at her own site.

Think you and your juvenile delinquent friends invented graffiti, old-timer? Hardly. From Anne Glover’s swoon-worthy Regency Reads site, I learned about some really degenerate Romans and Englishmen who just couldn’t get enough of defacing public structures. Only they did it with a chisel. Kind of makes your stupid spray paint cans look amateur, doesn’t it, homey?

At New Domesticity,Emily Matchar is making old domesticity as irrelevant as your graffiti. Not really. She’s just writing thought-provoking posts examining the current trend towards homemaking amongst post-feminist generation. And don’t even start with your “post-feminist” crap — those are Matchar’s words, not mine.

That’s all for now. I’ve got more drooling to do.