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Bizarre Romance Novel Covers: The Irresolute Rivals by Jane Ashford

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What is with these ginger heroes? First we have the one who molests ladies in cemeteries, now we have one who is brazenly ogling the heroine’s cleavage right in front of a peacock. It’s no wonder we have so few ginger heroes in romance. They clearly can’t behave themselves.

Now that I’m done shaming my brethren, here’s the blurb for Jane Ashford’s The Irresolute Rivals:


The first sight that Miss Susan Wyndham and Miss Marianne MacClain had of each other was enough to make their eyes blaze. For both were arriving at the first grand ball of the season at the same time—in identical gowns.

But even this flurry of fury paled beside the emotion that each young lady felt when she saw the gentleman who stepped in to make peace between them.

He was Randal Kenyon, Baron Ellerton, the most supremely handsome, charming, elegant, and eligible lord in London. And far from making peace, he sparked a battle between a pair of dazzling young beauties who had always had everything they wanted, and who now wanted only him….

Hmm. No word on whether Randal is a real redhead, or if this is just a trick of the light, er printing.

The Irresolute Rivals

Jane Ashford

Signet, 1985